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Working as a plus size model and inspiring actress can be challenging at times. I want to share with you my experiences and challenges as a plus size woman in my line of work and daily life and how to face them with confidence. I am determined to show the world that you can be beautiful and sexy at any size and any age. I also would like to invite you to share your challenges and experiences with me in my "Embrace your curves" video series. Since I am blessed with chef skills and love to eat healthy, I decided to share my favorite recipes with you. Come and join me and let's eat healthy together. I would love it if you could share your favorite healthy recipe with me and i will post them on my site.

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New section - Ask Claudia

If there is something you want to ask me that will help you go through your rough times or you just want some advice, please do contact me via Ask Claudia page. I have been blessed with a lot of confidence and want to show people that you can be beautiful at any size and any age.

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New section - Video blog show

On my video blog you can get my advice for people who are like me. I'm dedicated to people who think and feel like me so come and watch some of my videos and find out the thruth that is behind my happiness. Also, you can send me your suggestions or share your personal experience.

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New section - Recipes & Delices

On recipe section you will find healthy food recipes and food that I adore :) Food that you will have on disposal and that you can use in everyday life. There will be also an option for you to send me your recipes and if i will like them, i will put them on my website and post it with your credits. Section is open for you all day and you can use it as you please :)

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  • News: Hello dear fans, i've been busy updating my new "Photobook" so don't hesitate to watch it :) Thank you for beeing with me :) Love, Claudia
    Posted on: 12/22/2014 10:27:29 AM

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